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Lost Echoes

Lost Echoes is the final project we did for the Seneca Game Art & Animation program. It is a showcase level made by 9 students, using a modular workflow to create professional quality assets. We had 7 weeks to take a concept from pre-production to a finalized showcase level. In those 7 weeks we worked as a team to create schematics, layouts and assets following an Art Guide while meeting deadlines and progress goals.


As the Production Manager I was in charge of managing deadlines and setting goals for the projects. Scheduling and conducting meetings, keeping track of everyone's progress and communicating with the professors were also some of my duties. Aside from Production Management, I was also responsible for some of the art in the scene, primarily the tiling floors and the broken wall and floor in the small room.

A Mod Project done by 9 students in 5 weeks for the Seneca Gaming Art & Animation class.
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